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"Knowledge Is Power, Lack of Knowledge is Painful." - J. William

"I always see Film & Television Stunt Professionals, as well as other Action Filmmakers, make so many mistakes that are avoidable, strictly because they simply do not know! You do not need to be in that situation. Make the choice NOW, to learn more from this great platform.  I wish I had it throughout my career.  Stunt Education, it's Courses and General Knowledge Video Libraries are designed to help you, the Stunt Performer, Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Action Director, or anyone else who looks to learn more about Action Film Making, Action Movie Direction, Stunts, Stunt Safety... as well as many other Insider Trade Secrets. Make Learning a Priority and Enroll today to cut your learning curve; ask questions here, contribute in the member only forum and train your brain!"  - Andy Armstrong, Action Director & Stunt Coordinator

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Imagine what you'll learn and the priceless knowledge you will have gained with our platform?  Think about your Current Self, VS your desired, Future Self!  Do you know the ins and outs needed to reach the top level of this career? If you think you already have, there is still much more you could learn to inspire great action! As a Stunt Education memeber, you'll learn a lot more than you know now.  It doesn't matter your level, we will be covering all subjects in our library & courses, as well as our COORDINATOR MASTERMINDS.  You can even ask our Stunt Masters questions and we will glady get them answered within our content.
Continual Education & Advancement
Knowledge is not only Power, it's Key to Long Term Success. allows you to continue learning online, in all things Stunt & Action Film Making Related.  Know that our platform will also have Courses & General Insights on Finance, Real Estate, Taxes, Stunt Career Administration that can help our members throughout their Stunt Career and Action Film Making Career.
Many Stunt Performers and Action Film Makers think there is nothing else they can learn, which is ridiculous. Then many others are fearful to ask people, for fear of others realizing they do not know something... which is a fundamental  problem we look to SOLVE.
"Education Should NEVER Stop in our Dangerous line of work. If you stop learning, you stop growing and evolving.  Cut your learning curve and advance in your career, quicker!
If you are a Stunt Coodinator, join the Stunt Educaiton MASTERMIND Group and learn EVEN MORE, as well as, contribute! Not only will you be supporting this great platform, your knowledge is invaluable to the future Action Film Makers out there.  This is a platform you too can spread knowledge to the masses." - Andy Armstrong
                As Andy mentioned, "Education Should NEVER Stop in our Dangerous line of work. We are focused on solving the ongoing problem of Knowledge and Education in this Stunt & Action Film Making World, even if you're working all the time (as so many stunt professional and action filmmakers are), our Stunt and Action Film Making Knowlege Base & Full Courses will be available to you anytime, anywhere, from any set with internet access, on any mobile device in the world!  We feel that our consistent Monthly Coaching, our Courses (currently in production) and General Education Libraries brought to your mobile device, is the best solution for our industry's education advancement, on a global scale.  So many people find it hard to attend the many seminars we put on around the world, but as a Mastermind Member, you will gain exclusive access to these seminars ~ both recorded and often times, LIVE

                 Our courses are different because they're taught by Stunt / Action  Professionals who have lived the Stunt Performer, Stunt Coordinator and Action Director's life... for years. They are STUNT MASTERS, not just some professor at a film school who attended a stunt seminar once or twice. Our teachers have experience working on BLOCKBUSTER Motion Pictures, Emmy Award Winning Television shows and Top, Billion Dollar Motion Capture Projects like Call of Duty. We will always be adding more courses to our platform too and for our member only areas. Join Today!

                 Knowledge is power and key to success in this industry, and we understand how frustrating it can be when you do not know 'who' to ask certain questions to, without fear of being laughed at, or where to seek REAL industry tested knowledge? With the Stunt Education, Stunt Mastery Global Platform, its like a Virtual Apprenticeship. We have a community of teachers that will be contributing their time & knowledge to this platform for years to come. They are from around the world, and will be teaching you their tricks of the trade, their general insights that work and other great "Stunt Hacks" that they themsevles have worked in their successful careers.  Many of these can save your life, save your job, and save you & your production, TIME! Many Stunt Education teachers will also have FULL Stand Alone Courses should you want to learn from only one or two Industry Leaders directy. We give you the choice, but encourage you to INVEST IN YOUR BRAIN, INVEST IN PROVED SYSTEMS AND TRUST OUR STUNT MASTER'S SUCCESS & EXPERIENCE! 

                 Stunt Education WANTS you to Succeed! Education is the most important thing in all areas of life & career, especially with stunts, action film making, safety, how to get the interview & progress your career, how to plan your day as a coordinator (which changes from stunt day to stunt day), how to move to the next level of 2nd Unit Direction or, simply having longevity as a performer in this career. Don't repeat mistakes of the past, cut your learning curve TODAY. 
Do not procrastinate with you dreams, ambitions and career choice! Knowledge is the Tool that separates most people in our Industry and is a key factor to advancement! Get Instant Access to our ongoing content by clicking and Enrolling Today!
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Knowledge is the True Secret to Success!
Learn from Experienced, well known Stunt Professionals!
As mentioned, enjoy learning from Stunt Masters, Monthly! We will also have knowledge and information from Stunt 'Specialist' Masters as well! Remember, this is ALWAYS more to learn! Learn Monthly and Enjoy LIVE feeds, as well as recordings of Seminars!

Andy Armstrong, Stunt Master Educator
Armstrong Action Founder, Director, 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator
Amazing Spiderman I & II, Thor, The Green Hornet, Season of the Witch, Planet of the Apes, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Fun With Dick & Jane, Anger Mangement, Charlie's Angel's, Galaxy Quest, The Eleventh Hour, Eragon, iRobot, Bang-Bang...
Jim Vickers, Emmy Award Winning Stunt Coordinator
Action Aspect CEO, Director, 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator and 
9-1-1 Lonestar, Legion, Under the Bridge, Training Day, The Virus, Scorpion, Fargo, Lucifer, Gery's Anatomy, Severance, Extant, Battle Creek, Workaholics, Intelligence, Banshee, Ray Donovan, Californication, CSI: Miami, House, Revenge, House, Numbers, Hancock, Rush Hour 3, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mr. & Mrs Smith, Nomad: The Warrior. 
Jeff Wolfe, Emmy Award Winning Stunt Coordinator
Director, 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Actor and...
MacGyver (43+ Episodes), Bolden, Rush Hour, Terminator Genisys, Furious 7, Stalker, Revolution (40+ Episodes), Banshee, Captain America: The First Avenger, Pirates of the Caribbean: 1, 2, 3 & 4, The Expendables, The Book of Eli, Kill the Irishman, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, 3 & 4, as well as many, many more...
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"We truly believe that this website will be beneficial to your career and even, life... as we share so much wisdom and our knowledge databases grow and grow.  If after 30 days you do not feel you have learned something worth learning, we will let our teachers know and refund your subscription cost.  There will be so many great topics, courses and discussion threads, so we look forward to serving you and bringing you great content, for the rest of your career!
Increase your Knowledge on a variety of subjects today! 
Increase your Knowledge on a variety of subjects today! 
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