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Stunt Safety Videos are Free!
We want everyone to be as safe as possible, thus, we are making all our safety videos available, for free!  All our teachers will speak on Stunt & General Safety, across a vaiety of subjects and as they come in, we will post them to our safety pages or on social media.  Below you will find just a few different subjects, simply click on the button in those sections to be brought to that Subject's Access Page
Stunt Education Safety
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Just imagine what you will know after our Courses.  Seriously, think about your Current Self, VS your Desired Self!  Do you know the ins and outs of climbing the stunt career ladder?  Do you know certain Stunt Secrets to becoming a Coordinator or Moving from 2nd Unit Director to 1st Unit? well, as a memeber, we will have many of these answers AND you will have the opportunity to ASK questions and we'll try to get them answered for you by Stunt Masters and those who have ACTUALLY DONE IT!
Safe·ty /ˈSāftē/ Noun

The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. "They should learn more, for their own safety"

Synonyms: welfare, well-being, protection, security
"this is for the safety of the performers & crew"
The Stunt / Action Inustry is arguably the most REAL aspect in Entertainment.  That is why they hire professional stuntmen & stuntwomen to do these very dangerous jobs.  It takes a lot of knowledge to remain safe and protocols must be followed... yet, bad things do still happen, as we all know.  Stunt Professionals are always just a stunt away from a life changing, or life ending, accident.  In recent years, with productions meeting dealdines quickly, on a global scale, across all sorts of entertainment mediums & platforms, we can see how safety can sometimes be over-looked, or, just flat out forgotten.  In these vast areas of safety, we will be giving you a BUNCH of FREE resoucres and videos about set safety.  We will be providing external links to great data we have found from around the web too! From WB safety manuals, to IATSE Safety Apps (coming soon), EDUCATION CAN ONLY MAKE YOU SAFER... and in turn, more valuable to any production! 

We all benefit from the Universal Laws of Safety, so if you are reading this and you are not a Stunt Performer or involved directly in the Stunt / Action Industry, that is totally fine.  You can still learn something that may help prevent a tragedyRegister today for our Free Safety Course. Do feel free to share this information with your friends, family & collegues who may be in production as well...  From grips, to electricians, to PA's and alike... this knowledge is 'good to know!'

Please Feel Free to CONTRIBUTE Safety Videos and Information as well.  We will certainly give you credit in the write up you do and we post.  If its a video, we will review it and so long as it meets our standards, we will post it to our social media umbrella!
Contribute your Safety Notes and Stories by clicking the button below:

SAFETY is the First Thing You Should Learn
I am more Interested In Safety a...
Performer's Standpoint
Click "Stunt Masters" above to see the Full List and know that we  will be adding to this all the time.

Click below to see Fire Safety Videos
Fire Stunts are some of the most amazing on screen, epic aspects of Action Film Making.  With fire being so dangerous, much skill, safety & experience goes into wielding it.  We will be adding to these continually going forward. These are FREE TO ALL!
Click below to see 
Car-Stunt Safety Videos
What is a modern action movie without some good Stunt Driving and Vehicle Stunts?! Though amazing, it is highly dangerous and every aspect is very calculated.  Our Stunt Masters have some great safety insights into this dangerous realm, here are a few...

Be it working with Real Apes (instead of those in makeup), or Horse Work, we have some insights for you to remember when working with animals!
In these videos, we will be discussing Safety when Animals are on set.  These insights are amusing, but can only help you as well.  Odds are, sooner or later, you will be on set with animals and working directly with them or not, you should KNOW THESE KEY POINTS...

Click below to see Stunt Rigging Safety Videos
In these videos, we will be discussing Stunt Rigging Safety and a few Do's and Taboo's. All the Subjects in our Stunt Safety Series will be taught by multiple Stunt Masters.  Again, remember, this is an ongoing series, so we will be adding to these continually going forward. These Safety Videos, Stunt Education's "Safety Series", are FREE TO ALL! Click below for immediate access...

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